Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom_remodelRemodeling the bathroom, whether it means a fresh coat of paint or a total remodel or something in between, can be a fun and rewarding project. However, whether your bathroom remodeling projects turns into a beautiful transformation or into a half-assembled disaster, depends on the remodeling contractor you decide to hire. While one hears horror stories about so called bathroom remodeling professionals, our clients have none to share.

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, from using the toilet, washing our hands, freshening up, and showering. It’s only logical to make sure this room is comfortable, clean, and appealing in appearance. In some homes, the bathroom is the most frequently visited—but maybe not the one in which the most time is spent—so things are subject to wear and tear.

At Mr. Bathroom Renovator, we understand that successful remodeling starts with contractor’s ability to achieve that difficult balance between clients’ expectations and budgets without compromising quality of the final product, We treat every project with care and focus to ensure a satisfying remodeling experience for our clients.

bathroom_remodelRemodeling your bathroom is a fantastic way to increase your home value. These small and functional rooms are one of the few big ticket items. If you have high quality toilets or showers in your bathroom you can fetch a pretty penny when it goes on the market. You don’t have to get fancy, but replacing the plumbing can even be a fantastic start. Basic toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks are great options to upgrade, as well. Nothing has to have extra functions or marble tiling from Europe, but new porcelain can make a home buyer willing to pay a little extra because it means they are less likely to have to replace it.

Bathroom Remodeling can include a variety of services including:

bathroom_remodelYour bath can be as individual as you are! With a few changes, you can add modern fixtures, replace worn flooring, brighten your bath with color tiles, and turn your bath into your own private luxurious spa. Let us show you how you can remodel and redecorate your New Jersey home’s bathroom economically.

You want quality when remodeling your bathroom. Using cheap companies may get the job done quickly and it can look good (and make your wallet feel good) but there’s a high chance that the reason they are so cheap is because they use inferior equipment or they are not fully trained to produce long lasting results. If you want beautiful, functional, and long lasting results you need the professionals at Mr. Bathroom Renovator! You won’t see ill-fitting cabinets, cracked tiles, or inferior plumbing used on our watch!

We can work with any budget and ideas; using quality products for every level of cost. We can work with clients needing accessibility products, bath and shower systems, replacing liners or entire tubs or showers, sinks with or without cabinets, colored tile, and more. Don’t worry about the lighting, floors, or walls, either. We can work on that, too! Not just plumbing units!

IMG_0465Tired of your boring bath tub? Try a tub conversion or any number of unique bath options. Some bathrooms are amazing with a tub only option, while others work best with a tub-shower or just a shower. Our technicians can work with you and discuss your needs and expectations as to how you want to use your bathroom.

We can install a bathroom from start to finish— from newly built homes to add-ons, to adding a bathroom in an existing room—no job is too big or too small for us! So whether you just want to upgrade your shower to creating a bathroom from nothing, we’ve got you covered so you can relax in your restroom and it will be a peaceful, clean, quiet, and elegant place.

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